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Registration Information

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We are open for registration for the 2017 school year.  Please contact the school office at 452-0551 or you can leave a message if the office is closed.


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Rock the Shamrock (Apr. 2) - Meet Fr. Al - Cheering - Summer Camps

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A couple more upcoming items...  
  • Pray for Michaela McGee (8th grade) who is participating on Central High School's team in State Cheerleading competition on Friday in Lewistown!  Good Luck, Michaela!
  • Get your running shoes on to participate in our Rock the Shamrock fundraiser/fun run on Sat., Apr. 2!  <--  Click the Entry Form on the left to print your copy.  
  • April 2:  Luncheon and games 1-3 PM at OLL gym (following the fun run) to meet and greet with Father Alphonsus (Fr. Al).
  • Interested in Summer Camps??  Take the survey below (and share with other families outside of Lourdes!) to give us some direction in our planning.

    Summer Camps

Welcome Fr. Alphonsus Enelichi!

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On March 14, Fr. Alphonsus Enelichi will arrive at Our Lady of Lourdes to serve as the new pastor! He comes to us from Circle, Richey, Jordan, and Vida, MT. Here's the brief bio from the Harvest (by Toots Haynie).  

Father Alphonsus Enelichi, current pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church in Circle, as well as St. John the Baptist Church in Jordan, St. Francis de Sales Church in Richey, and St. Ann Church in Vida, graduated in 2014 with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree in Pastoral Psychology. Rev. Dr. Enelichi is a NigerianAmerican who is a member of the Missionary Society of St. Paul. He was ordained a priest in 1990, and has served in Nigeria, Liberia, Canada, Texas and Montana. Father Alphonsus is a dynamic and eloquent preacher who presents with Word of God with faith, power and conviction. He also served as the president of the African Conference of Catholic Clergy and Religious in the United States, Houston Metropolitan Area Local Chapter, from 2003 to 2007. In 2008, he was elected as the National President of the African Catholic Clergy Association (ACCA) in the United States, the position in which he served until 2013. Presently, Father Alphonsus is the National Vice President of the African Conference of the Catholic Clergy and Religious in the United States (ACCCRUS). His pastoral work experience in different areas, including various cultures and circumstances, has always been the major source of inspiration, spiritual growth, and social involvement in his priestly life and missionary vocation. He derives his pastoral fulfillment from his personal competence and commitment to accomplishing whatever pastoral assignment is entrusted to him. In his missionary work in different countries, Father Alphonsus has learned to see the face of Christ in the face of every human person he encounters. Throughout his missionary journeys and experiences in life, he has developed a deeper trust and faith in God, a stronger commitment to his priestly life, as well as ministering God’s love and compassion to all people irrespective of race or color, recognizing himself as a minister of His people.

Chinook Results

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Thank you for your generous support of Chinook 2016!  We were able to raise over $45,000 (after expenses!).  Included in that was nearly $4,500 for scholarship money and $4,400 for teacher wish list items which will be showing up in classrooms soon. Hope you had a fun evening--I know I did! Looking forward to a great Lourdeswalk to round out our big fundraisers for the year. Thank you to our Development team of Tami Zaremski and Heather Johnson as well as Home and School (Megan Young) and LABS--Athletic Boosters (Randy Tarum) for their financial support of the school and its mission! - Mrs. Zook

Chinook coming up!

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Hope you were able to get your tickets for Chinook. If not, please stop in to the office and get them or pay online with the link at the left. It will be a fun evening filled with tasty food, entertainment, auctions, and dancing.  It is a great night to support Our Lady of Lourdes.  
January 30 at 6 PM at the Heritage Inn

Take the Lunch Survey!!

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CLICK HERE to take a quick survey to decide on a few items to add to the lunch menu...
Have fun!
Thank you for your imput, Mrs. Zook, Mr. Ken, Mr. Willie, and Mrs. Tamie

Christmas Program Friday 10:30-noon

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We look so forward to seeing you at the Christmas program Friday, 10:30-noon.  Here is the rough layout of times if you are needing to plan around a lunch hour to attend. They will be singing with their mentor/mentee class.
Order:  (1) Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, 4th and 8th; (2) 5th, K; (3) 6th and 1st; (4) 7th and 2nd; (5) 8th and 3rd; entire school as available; middle school choir.
**Our Dress Rehearsal will be Thu from 12:45 to 3:00 if you can't make the performance.**
Hope that helps!!  Advent blessings to your family, Mrs. Zook

New Site Layout and Wed. Notes--(almost) no downloading!

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Find your Frequently Accessed Items on the menu to the left (or click the menu icon on your phone).  Teacher pages are under Classroom Sites. Hope you find it easy to access.  We can also easily post info about your child's school day.  Look for quick little posts about the great things going on in our classrooms.  Enjoy!! 

The Wednesday Notes will be here as a web page instead of a PDF--so no long downloading!! (unless you need one of the docs attached.)  Last week's are attached here if you missed them.
Please let me know how we can continue to improve access to information for you!!  Tami and I are hard at work making this site work for you :) 
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Zook

Wed. Notes and Web Site Design

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Hope this new site design is more user-friendly.  Let me know if you have difficulty finding anything.

Wed. Notes for 11-18 are attached below.

Have a blessed week and weekend!  - Sarah Zook, Principal (

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