There are many aspects to the faith for students of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School…

  • Weekly Mass, every Friday at 8:30 AM led by Father Alphonsus. Classes take turns being responsible for the roles at Mass. Parents and family members are invited to attend as often as possible.
  • Religion Curriculum is taught at every grade level, daily.
  • Prayer starts every class in the building every day. This provides the solid foundation for the rest of the students’ studies and interactions. Lunch begins with prayer as well.
  • The Rosary is prayed as a school community every Monday in the gym. Every member of the school joins to pray one decade at 8:15 on the first day of the week. This helps to remind students of various events in Jesus’ life and the sacrifices made for their eternal salvation.
  • Faith is integrated into all studies. Students view their other work through the lens of their faith. Religion is not just for religion class–it provides guiding principles for their lives as well.
  • Student interactions are guided through virtues. Students participate in mentoring programs with younger students to help them to develop virtues in their studies and life. Discipline is based on virtues to help students make well-founded decisions throughout their lives.