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Extended Care is a Montana State Licensed Day Care and an extension of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish and School.

Hours:                      6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  
                       For every 15 minutes after closing time, you will be charged 10.00. 
                       In case of an emergency or delay, please call. 
                      *Extended Care is available to Parish and School families during the school year.
                         calendar is available for reference for school and Extended Care closures.                                                                          
Cost:                       $3.00 per hour for the first child (child with most hours attended) and $2.00
                                  per hour for each subsequent child from one family.  Billing will be done on a
                                  monthly basis.  Your statement will include charges for all lunches served during
                                  the month.  The balance due is to be paid on or before the tenth of the month.

Hot Lunch:              The cost of hot lunch is $1.75 daily.  Lunches are prepared and served by
                                  Our Lady of Lourdes School Lunch Program.  Please keep this payment separate
                                  from your Extended Care Payment.

Snacks:                    All children in attendance during snack times will be served a healthy morning
                                  and afternoon snack. 
Requirements:       All children must have a signed registration form, medical release, day
                                  care contract and a current immunization from.  Children must be potty trained. 
                                  Ages 2-12.
Services Provided:   
                                  Daily attendance records with computerized sign in and out.  Quiet time is
                                  provided for all children.  Ratio of staff to children is in accordance with Montana
                                  State guidelines. Discipline will be enforced by redirection and positive